Ostamme käytettyjä muotituotteita


We buy secondhandproducts from Premium and Luxus bränds.

Offer to us your secondhand products which are good condition, clean and unbroken.

Products which you can offer to us:

- Jackets, from all materials
- Bags and all other leatheritems

Let us know following things:

- Name of the brand or supplier
- Size and color of item
- Is that product for ladies, mens or unisex
- If there is something wrong with product, please let us know. Example: If welt are decrepit, zipper is stuck, or something else.
- If our productcontrol accept your product, we gonna pay to you or you can get compensation when you buying next time our CF13 shop.
- If you has buyed that product from CF13, please let us know.

You can send pictures and all information to e-mail:
E-mail: cf13.store@gmail.com